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Small Stones

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” – Confucius

Over 60 young men and women raised their hands and took an oath yesterday in Atlantic County as they celebrated their graduation from the police academy and began their careers as peace officers in various communities. They were prayed over, given a deeply moving keynote speech, and felt the goodwill of families, instructors, friends, and fellow officers as they embarked on this noble profession.

Last evening while attending a different meeting, we listened to the reading of troopers who have passed away since the last gathering.

Two opposite ends of a spectrum that memorialize commitment to protect and serve their communities and be beacons of hope in a hurting world.

This comparison takes on tremendous meaning when you realize the sacrifices made and those that will be made on our behalf: rotating shift work, missed holidays and family events, and so much more.

Their commitment; young or old deserves our support and gratitude. Their lives demand our care and prayers. Their moving mountains, stone by stone must not go unnoticed or be taken for granted, for they are the line drawn which allows us to live freely and not in constant fear.

Today as we read this, please join me in prayer for them and all in law enforcement. May God keep them safe, strengthen them and their families, and bring them home daily, knowing they’re making a difference and doing their very best!

Pastor Lou Strugala