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Sept. 12th

fallen building

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it…” – Helen Keller

Remember September 12, 2001?

We were numb, angry, confused, and focused. Yes, we were focused on the pain of loss, and suffering, and our need to come together as Americans to rescue, recover, and resolve that pain.

But we also focused on our needs. Our needs to support each other and put aside petty differences and whatever divides us because when people left the towers covered with ash and soot, they all looked the same.

Most importantly, we focused on God and asked for His protection and blessing upon ourselves and our country.

We were focused…..

Today on September 12, may we be focused on the goodness our country offers, the sacrifices of our first responders and military, and our reliance on God Almighty to protect and bless us.

Let us pray: God, bless America!

Pastor Lou Strugala